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Pet of the Month


Pet of the Month

Levi! Our Pet of The Month for June!

Little bit about Levi. We lost our beloved Tonka which was also a patient of Dr Macdonald’s and had an empty space that needed filling. Levi came into our lives and more than filled the space. He is an energetic happy pup that is going to turn 3 in August.

He sings with us when happy birthday is being sung. He loves food of all kind, being a lab it’s not surprising. Swimming is one of his favorites too. He has a new brother named Rip and they have a ball playing together.

Having a dog like Levi has brought such joy to our lives. Thanks to Dr Macdonald he has been there to take care of all his needs. We are quite lucky to have him and his staff looking after Levi and Rip.