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Caring with genuine interest in the health of your pets!

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Our team members strive to treat pet owners as family! You will experience quality and compassionate care from check in to check out. Meet our team member here!

Emergency service

If you experience and emergency with your pet during regular business hours, please call us at (603) 524-8900. After business hours please get in touch with one of the following emergency services listed on this page.


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Our Mission

Here at MacDonald Veterinary Services, we work together to ensure both you and your pets have a pleasant and welcoming experience. We genuinely care about your pet’s wellbeing, and we strive to give you a clear understanding of your animal’s health care needs at every appointment. Besides happy owners, and healthy pets, our goal is to provide and establish a long lasting doctor-patient-client relationship.

Coming in feels like visiting family.

Seasonal Infomation

September is National Pet Insurance Month!

We work directly with Trupanion™ and provide exam-day offers for immediate medical coverage. The offer expires 24 hours after your pets exam. This offer is eligible for dogs and cats under 14 years of age. If you are interested in enrolling, ask us about this special offer!

90% coverage of eligible veterinary expenses for unexpected new illnesses and injuries with no payout limits for the LIFE of your pet.

Trupanion™ can pay hospitals directly and can close claims in as little as FIVE minutes.

Accepted at any general veterinary practice, ER care hospital, and referral centers in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Trupanion™ is available 24 hours a day, SEVEN days a week, and 365 days a year.

Although enrollment is recommended at a young age to prevent pre-existing conditions, you may enroll your pet at any point!

Trupanion™ provides medical insurance to cover those unexpected costs when injuries or illnesses arise.

Offering 90% coverage after meeting your deductible, which you choose. This covers eligible expenses related to injury or illness for the life of your pet, with no limits on the reimbursement amount. This includes hospital care, diagnostic testing, medications, surgeries, and other treatments that may arise during the care of your pet.

Insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions. Even if your pet has current health concerns, the policy will cover future problems that arise. There are waiting periods for coverage- 5 days for injuries and 30 days for illnesses. The sooner you enroll, the more likely any future injuries and illnesses are going to be covered.

Our Veterinary Services

Pet wellness

Vaccines, preventative medications, and yearly examinations help to keep your pet healthy and happy. Learn more about pet wellness services.

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Pet surgery

Whether it’s a routine spay or neuter, or something more complex, we take great care to ensure that every surgery is performed correctly and safely.

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Pet dental

Just like humans, our pets need regular dental care to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and other problems which can lead to illness in your pet.

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We also offer financing for those times when emergencies arise and you are financially unprepared.

Premium Pet Nutrition at Blue Buffalo.

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Scheduling an appointment with MacDonald Veterinary Services is easy. You can call us or use the online booking form below. We’ll ask you a few questions to help us better understand your pet’s needs and then we’ll find a time that works for both you and your pet.

What Our Clients Are Saying

After 15 years we decided to change vets and we’re glad we did. Staff was friendly and attentive. Dr. MacDonald was thorough and took the time to answer all of our questions. The staff even followed up the next day to see how our new puppy was doing. Glad we made the change.



Dr. MacDonald always takes the time to answer all your questions. Down-to-earth veterinarian. The staff is very pleasant and helpful.